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If you could have one talent what would it be?

You remember that question from when you were younger? You would probably wish for invisibility, flight, super strength, telepathy, to be able to breath underwater, etc. etc.

Even now I kind of wonder what would happen if I had that one talent I craved ever since I dived myself into my first Ipod. The talent I’m talking about is to sing and play the guitar.

There’s something memorizing when watching someone singing their heart out. Sweat pouring down their face. Their voice reaching beyond the stage, but the entire globe. Their lyrics branding themselves into my brain till I know every line by heart. The poems they write comes alive off the paper and flies so high and across time itself.

The musician sings for his/her love of music and for their fans. No one can say this is wrong or this sucks. Music is all about feeling. Feeling crumby? Feeling joyous? Write a song and you somehow relate to someone. It’s that powerful. Music has done so much for me over the years and get through all my troubles and blues.

Maybe in the next life I’ll be a vocal guitarist in a cool rock band but for now I’ll stick to singing in the shower!

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